Well, there are many ways of improving the security of your home. Nowadays, with advanced technology, the options are endless. Our first recommendation is to add another layer of protection on top of the standard deadbolt and door-knob. We can come to your location and based on your specific need, offer you the best solutions.

If current locks are worn or rusted, it could have a negative impact on your home’s security, in this care we would recommend to change the locks. However, if locks work find, rekeying them could be a more cost efficient solution.

When your keys are lost or stolen, you must replace or rekey all locks in order to assure the security of your home. The first priority is replacing or rekeying all of the outdoor locks to prevent a potential intruder an access to your property.

We accept Credit/Debit payments, along with Cash and checks.

Yes! We do accept billing jobs with up to net+60 business days.




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