why you might want to wrap your key fob in foil

Given that the ideal method to store your car keys at night is by placing them in a coffee can, what’s an ex-FBI agent’s recommendations to secure cars from theft throughout the day?

Wrap car fobs in aluminum foil.

” Although it’s not optimal, it is the most economical way,” claimed Holly Hubert, a cybersecurity expert who retired in 2017 from the FBI in Buffalo, New York. “The cyber danger is so dynamic and ever changing, it’s hard for consumers to keep up.”

Now she recommends people go online and spend a few dollars and buy what’s called a Faraday bag to shield the fob signal from potential theft. Imagine a traditional sandwich bag made of foil as an alternative of plastic.

Thing is, the vehicle is regularly standing by for the fob signal. Criminals can buy legit equipments that amplify the fob signal positioning unprotected in a handbag, a pocket, on a counter at house or apartment or even just replicate the code to access the vehicle.

Replicating code from key fobs isn’t challenging. And this is one thing the auto industry and insurance firms are monitoring closely.

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